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          A boy on a cruise ship looking out the window

          Consilium Safety is ready to go further

          Say hello to Consilium Safety. A new journey begins together with our new owners, Nordic Capital –?we welcome you to be part of it.

          About our new journey

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          Markets we serve

          You find us in sectors where safety matters: shipping, transportation, offshore and property. We have a strong local presence in strategic locations, always ready to talk safety with you.

          CGS50/500 Gas Sampling System

          Built to fulfil the demands of today and tomorrow. Based on the legacy of Consilium with ease of use and peace of mind. The new CGS50/500 gas sampling system is ready to detect potentially hazardous leakages in ships around the world.

          Introducing CGS50/500

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          Engineers at Consilium having a meeting about the new product CGS50/500
          A woman on a boat looking out over the horizon

          For all those moments when safety matters

          Discover the core of Consilium

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